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Flash Oil & Gas

Michael Page Africa Oil & Gas presents a selection of leading candidates in the oil and gas industry, recently evaluated by our consultants.

8906135 – Drilling engineer / manager
International – $145K
Masters Offshore, Oil Equipment
English, French and Spanish
Cementation, tubing, drilling. Solves on-site drilling issues, manages drills direction, optimization of production, methods, maintenance, operators’ training, team management.

9104781 – Oil & Gas project manager
International – $90K
Masters in Production Systems Engineering with a specialty in Industrial Systems Maintenance and Reliability
English, French and Arabic
Estimates and costs multi-annual maintenance contracts (mechanics, boilers, piping …), establishes maintenance plans for onshore and offshore plants, drafts maintenance procedures & manuals. Manages multiple maintenance activities simultaneously.

9128593 – Offshore / onshore production engineer
International – $85K
Electronics engineer
English and French
Engineer with 9 years in the oil industry providing technical support in production. Manages and optimizes oil wells and all onshore and offshore production processes (Gas Lift, ESP, and Hydraulic Pumping). Designs artificial lift systems (Gas Lift, ESP, Hydraulic Pumping).

8949102 – QHSE manager
International – $140K
Engineering degree
French and English, basic knowledge of Italian and German
Expert with 10 years of QHSE experience in petroleum industry including designing and coordinating training programs, drafting manuals and procedures, implementing assessments. Experience in oil field cost assessments for future sales. Team manager.

8854296 – Piping engineer
International – $70K
Certification/Diploma - Mechanical engineer (option oil & gas)
Arabic, French and English
25 years of experience. Responsible for the supervision of all piping construction activities. Supervises, directs, coordinates and manages overall project planning and construction works. Ensures conformity of construction works to the plans of execution, compliance with specifications and quality. QA/QC activities and HSE.

8616254 – Reservoir engineer
International – $110K
Engineering degree
French and English
Responsible for the dynamic data acquisition program and wells start up: design and interpretation of well tests and interference tests. Impact on reservoir model and development pattern strategy. Well testing operations field supervisor, production forecast and well optimisation simulations, monitoring strategy, reservoir studies.

9127910 – General manager
International – $300K
Ph.D. in Geophysics, M Sc., Honours Degree, B Sc. in Geophysics, M.B.A.
French, Spanish and English
20 years of experience in the Oil&Gas industry. Negotiation with high level authorities - presidencies, ministries - for operating / exploration permits. Exploration drilling both onshore and offshore, developing and running exploration projects, developing in exploration strategy. Geophysical survey acquisitions operations in both offshore and onshore environments. Shadow operating of production operations, coordination of environmental and safety issues.


If you wish to obtain information on these candidates and discover other profiles, please contact :

Paul Mercier
Tel : +33 (0)1 41 92 44 88
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