Now in its fifth edition, the Eight Executive Trends for 2020 explores the new forms of leadership that stem from the idea of integrating transformation at every level in business.

We investigate the change of diversity and inclusion from buzzword into profit driver. We look at how the rise of remote work is changing how teams collaborate, and how CFOs have become even more central to the search for productivity. We ask how the data-driven CEO will bring their teams with them as they change modus operandi to fit the data-centric present. As SMEs look to break into new markets, we ask how the changing nature of corporate collaboration will help them grow. And in a world where any organization can seemingly change at the drop of an app into a technology company, we ask how fast companies can adapt to flat hierarchies and leadership at every level, in terms of their talent acquisition – and managing the complexities of the multi-generational workforce.

As your business goals and objectives evolve, Page Executive’s Africa team is ready to drive your business strategy forward how we know best: through the leaders who help your business thrive.

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