Growing your career

Time to change your career?
Read our advice on certain points that need to be considered before you leave your current position.
What is a performance appraisal?
Michael Page delve into all you need to know when it comes to appraisals, from the benefits to prepartion.
There are plenty of benefits to developing transferable skill and they can make you stand out from similarly qualified candidates if you’re looking for a promotion or a career move.
Take note of the following points when you're considering how to get a promotion.
Getting on your manager's wavelength is a big adaptation to make. Are you willing to learn different techniques and prioritize things that don't come naturally to you? Only you can make that evaluation.
Negotiating a pay rise can be a delicate subject for many. Preparation is key in successfully conveying to your boss why you deserve an increased salary.
How to make networking work for you
Networking is one of the keys to a successful, dynamic career. The aim of networking is to build long-term relationships with key people.
You are thinking about quitting your job, but before you do, ask yourself the following questions.
Tips for moving into management
Preparation and a willingness to learn new skills are key to ensuring you adapt and contribute successfully as part the management structure of your company.