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Making yourself visible, taking care of your e-reputation and developing a network on social networks has become essential. Here are some tips to help you manage your e-reputation when looking for a job.

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The explosion of social networks gives everyone visibility on the web, with its share of advantages and... dangers! The cover letter and CV are not yet to be thrown in the trash, but it is essential to take care of your image on the web. If he wishes to be spotted by recruiters, a candidate must be present on professional social networks, such as Viadeo or LinkedIn. These are networking platforms where one can showcase their skills and career path. But your profile should not be a simple showcase if you want to be noticed: you should maintain a regular activity, participate in discussion groups, and exchange with other members.

A few tips to take care of your visibility

Careful spelling is of course essential, but you should also always add a photo to your profile. When discussing with other members, professionalism and respect are obviously essential. “Copy-pasted” messages sent to several interlocutors simultaneously should be avoided. You must forge your own personality and not hesitate to invest time in it so that your efforts are fruitful. Evoking the news of your professional branch can also highlight your interest in your sector of activity.

Beware of the pitfalls of e-reputation

No need to hide the face: when a profile interests a company, in most cases the employer enters his name on a search engine to find out more. Whatever social networks you appear on, it is very important that your image is worked on and controlled. Feel free to research your own profile on the web to see if there are any points that can be improved.

Also be sure to separate personal life and professional life: restrict access to your personal data to those around you, by setting up your Facebook or Instagram account, for example. And avoid personal opinions visible to everyone who could close doors on you. Being present on the web is good, giving it a rewarding image is better!

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