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L’Oréal South Africa was established in 1963. The company has five divisions: L’Oréal Manufacturing Midrand (our manufacturing plant) and four operating divisions, namely Professional Products Division, L’Oréal Luxe, Active Cosmetics Division and the Consumer Products Division.
L’Oréal South Africa employs more than 500 people in South Africa, which is regarded as the group’s gateway to the African continent. 
L’Oréal makes you feel welcome by sharing the company culture, expertise and know-how, and giving you the resources you need to express your talent. Because the people L’Oréal recruits have a wide variety of personalities, skills and experience, L’Oréal knows that their induction needs to be personalised if they are to be fully and successfully integrated into the company. 
L’Oréal aims to make your integration into the company and your new role as seamless as possible. To help you discover the heart of L'Oréal, the company provides a range of opportunities to experience the field and our products including site visits, technical training, field placement, and shadowing.
On-the-job learning is supported by your line management. It helps you develop your expertise through knowledge transmission, and provides you with opportunities to observe and experience different situations.
If you are interested in current opportunities at L’Oréal, contact us now.