Hiring Insights: Mauritius Hopes to Surf through 2022 with Top Talent

The island nation of Mauritius is ready to embrace 2022 with the lessons brought on by the pandemic. The country dealt with grit and grace the many challenges posed by Covid-19, including a hit to its critical tourism sector and threats to unemployment and a depreciating rupee. Now, Mauritius has not just got back up but it has also dusted off the pauses and breaks, ready to march forward with puffed-up business confidence. 

As the economy revives and reinvents itself, the recruitment specialists at Michael Page weigh in on the top hiring trends that both companies and candidates must know. Julien Raze, Head of Africa, PageGroup, says: "Organisations need to re-think their business strategies and disrupt old ways of doing things - this includes finding innovative solutions to maximize the value impact of their talent management processes."

These are unusual times, and they call for disruptive measures. Here is a sample of the significant trends that will drive Mauritius’ talent market in 2022. For in-depth insights, download our Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights for Mauritius 2022.

Download now: Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights for Mauritius 2022

  • Candidates must upskill. It is the best time for candidates to expand their skillsets. This need is most felt in Engineering, Energy, and Retail sectors. In most cases, the companies can pitch in. Aurelie Rugbur Naginlal, Manager, Michael Page, Sub Saharan Africa, says about the Retail, FMCG, and Consumer markets, “Companies will have to ensure they are investing in training and development of their employees in alignment with their talent strategy, and identify people for emerging roles and leadership opportunities.”  
  • Candidates don’t want to leave stable jobs. Therefore, there is less movement, which can be challenging for recruiters. Recruiters must be prepared to hire the second best or third best for a job. An open mind and flexibility can help recruiters find the best candidate fit for a role. This trend is especially seen in the Banking & Financial Services, Property & Construction, Insurance, and Finance & Accounting sectors. “Employers/hiring managers must be creative in offering valuable alternate non-monetary perks/benefits,” says Diya Bismohun (Associate Principal) and Vishma Soorjee (Principal), in the Finance & Accounting practice at Michael Page, Sub Saharan Africa. 
  • Candidates must consider transferable skills. A limited pool of candidates for certain roles in some industries means that recruiters must be creative about hiring candidates with transferable skills. This trend has been observed in Technology and Engineering industries. “Hire people with transferable skillsets and upskill talent through adequate training and certifications,” advises Steicy Gya, Consultant in the Technology practice at Michael Page, Sub Saharan Africa.   

The Michael Page Salary Guide and Hiring Insights for Mauritius 2022 is the go-to source for hiring managers and job seekers alike to stay abreast of the latest trends in the employment market. The guide offers the most up-to-date information on salary benchmarks, in-demand positions, and the key skills that will drive the main industries this year. Recruitment specialists from Michael Page share insights while keeping in mind the challenges of the current economic climate and offer recommendations on how best to create a win-win for all with the best hire for the available roles. 

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