6 Ways to Land a Promotion in 2021

While working from home, your need for achievement might’ve compelled you to take that big leap in your career and work towards getting a promotion. Getting promoted requires a blend of exuding confidence, strategic planning, remaining relevant and taking the lead.

Where this may come naturally to some, there are other skills to hone and perfect. Here are 6 insightful ways you can upskill, strengthen your work ethic, engage in more activities and immerse yourself in what you do.


1.    Add Significant Value 

Adding value is true for anything you do in life but more so when you’re looking for a promotion. To add value you can:

  • Execute projects to enhance company productivity and increase revenue. 
  • Implement ideas and monitor their progress to show how they increased revenue, performance and any other aspects it may have revved up. This will display your strengths and put you on a clear path to being promoted. 
  •  Articulate inventive ideas and don’t confine them to a folder on your desktop.
  • Deliver the best results for your company and constantly upskill to be au courant with market trends.
  • Step outside your comfort zone by engaging in company activities that will accentuate your knowledge, skills, expertise and help you unlock doors for career growth.
  • Say goodbye to performance currency benchmarks. Nailing that sales pitch will reflect instant results but winning over the customer and securing a long-term contract with them will earn you much more merit.  


Make sure you get noticed while you do so. Show don’t tell your supervisor: chart down progress reports, your achievements, future goals and your career path, and take their advice on how you can get promoted to manager.


2.    Juggle More Work

Shouldering additional responsibilities outside your job description is never a bad thing. It puts the spotlight on all the positive traits such as diligence, conscientiousness, hardiness and commitment. Remember that being promoted means proving yourself capable of juggling a gamut of responsibilities and roles. So, if you have your eyes on the trophy be prepared to take on more work and administer them successfully. Not being open to accepting more assignments and expanding your profile will make you an unfit candidate.

This holds especially true in current times where several companies haven’t revived financially, are short-staffed and need their employees to be flexible with their work schedule and balance the workload. If you play this role well, then you’ll set yourself apart from the rest.


3.    Strengthen Your Work Ethic

Demonstrating a strong work ethic and sticking to your commitments is possibly the most important aspect that will catch your boss’ attention. Radiating brilliance, your work performance will be telling of the dexterity of your current role and your potential to level up to a more challenging chair. 

The smallest of things like getting to work on time, meeting deadlines, being a team player, interacting with clients and effectively managing all your responsibilities will exhibit your perseverance and ambitious character. 


4.    'Solutionise' Your Way Out

Are you always knocking on your boss’ door to ask him things you should’ve been able to figure out yourself? If that is the case, then you should take a step back and reevaluate. 'Solutionise' your way out of a problem that needs troubleshooting instead of always depending on your boss to get you out of quicksand. 


5.    Balance Collaboration and Independence

Displaying teamwork skills, seamlessly collaborating with colleagues has always been elemental at the workplace. But the top priority along with collaboration is independence. Remote working extends certain liberty to employees to accomplish projects and goals independently. In such a case, working alone instead of in a team becomes exceedingly important. 


6.    Initiate Long Term Contracts

Taking on longer projects have benefits of their own. Being committed to a long-term project can help you track your progress through its course. You get to witness your roadmap actualize before you and see your performance graph ascend. These projects help you become versed with different techniques and strategies and mature your skills and talent along the way. The longer you work on a project, the sharper and more defined you get at your job. 

Long-term contracts require multi-tasking and dedication, attributes that are hard to overlook for a candidate for promotion. When you can seamlessly pilot an intricate assignment, it shows your readiness to helm other vast projects. 

You have to start somewhere, whether it is choosing a challenging, never-done-before project, leading a team, achieving work goals or simply by expanding your horizon of work. All or any of these best practices will speak volumes to your boss or manager and definitely place you in the A-list of ‘to-be’ promoted candidates. 

This article was contributed by Shabbir Kagalwala, Founder at www.Dubai-Forever.Com.

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