It’s completely natural and often expected for people to take a turn in their careers at some point during their working lives. If you’re thinking you’d like an industry switch or an entire role transformation, we encourage you to go for it!

However, there are certain points that need to be considered before you leave your current position – try not to make a rash decision.


This can often be the decider as to whether people stay or go. Leaving your current position for an entirely new career can mean taking a step down or even starting from square one, which usually means a pay cut. Think about your current outgoings and evaluate whether you can afford to take a cut or not. Are you willing to compromise on spending in the hope of better job satisfaction, or does money directly equate to job satisfaction for you?


Do you want to learn new skills and train for an entirely different career or would you rather utilise your existing skills but in a new environment or industry? If you’ve worked your way up in your current position, think about whether you’d be happy to retrain and start from square one.

Reason for change

This is perhaps the most crucial consideration. Are you sure you want to change your career, or have you just grown out of your role/organisation? Some people also mistake a dislike of their management for a dislike of their career. Have you thought about asking to move to another team? You can say you want to expand your skills or have grown out of your current role and want the opportunity for a new challenge.

Progression opportunities

If you need clear progression targets to motivate you in your job, ensure you’re going into a function and organisation that places importance on developing staff. Some employers might promote on qualifications and others might promote on measurable success rates, so investigate what works best for you when making your decision.

The reasons people want to change their careers are varied but in most cases personal. Job satisfaction, career growth, better opportunities and remuneration are among the most common causes for people rethinking their current situation. However, it’s essential if you’re seriously considering a change that you thoroughly research your new chosen career path before taking action.

Ultimately, are you going to regret not taking the risk? If you currently have very low or no job satisfaction, maybe you’re ready to take the plunge. Search Michael Page jobs now to find your perfect match.

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