Upskilling and Growing your Executive Assistant Career during and post COVID -19

Merely a few months ago, most of us could not have imagined working from home for this long. Work from home started off as a sigh of relief among many busy support staff as this was an opportunity to spend time with family and get the work done from the comfort of their living room. However, in this new reality it has become more like living at work. If you are an Executive Assistant who is unsure of your career path post the Pandemic, this is the best time to revisit a few basics to ensure constant growth. 


1)    Stay Positive & Spread Positivity

Business Leaders may not have the time or bandwidth to ensure their team members or staff are as motivated and high spirited as they may be when in the office. Executives or team members may require a sense of assurance to feel part of the team and the bigger picture– Team members may feel more comfortable pouring their heart to a colleague, which in this case would be the Executive Assistant than to the leader themselves; this in turn helps the EA understand the sentiment in the team and take corrective measures to ensure a positive sentiment, as well as  suggest ideas to the leader to achieve the same.


2)    Have a Role Model

The second tip to success is to have a role model and get inspired by their success story. As an Executive Assistant, your role model could be anyone in the business who you can learn from and apply the desired skillset at your end. This also helps gain many transferable skills which would help pave the path for growth within the business. In these uncertain times, an employee who is ready to get their hands dirty with multiple tasks would be a great asset to the leader and company. 


3)    Good Ethics 

As important as it is to be great at your work and complete all tasks it is equally crucial to maintain good ethics. An Executive Assistant with a growth mindset would always think about how he/she can be an inspiration to others or set an example to follow. This could vary from maintaining discretion to confidentiality (acting as a confidant to information shared in confidentiality by a team member or C suite). Good ethics go a long way in your career and help you achieve growth not only with your current employer but adds to great future prospect. 


4)    Network, Network, Network

There's no doubt that the EA role is quite challenging. Networking with your peers in the same job function will help you find that support. Stay connected to EAs in other organisations so that you can learn their productivity hacks and get inspiration on the skills to develop. Besides, networking can even offer opportunities for career growth. 

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