What is your most significant achievement at PageGroup?

It’s been an exciting few years with Michael Page - I joined when Michael Page had freshly set up operations in Mauritius, so I’ve seen it grow from a 1-person to a well-structured 7 people team! 

Though a global brand, in Mauritius, Michael Page was known only to a handful of institutions locally and the challenge was huge, very much like a start-up; everything needed to be set up from scratch, be it from a business development perspective to creating our own database of candidates.

We set up the Banking & Finance desk over the years, and currently boast of having repeat business from a portfolio of Tier One FI players as clients.

My biggest achievement is to have been part of the Michael Page ‘success story’ in Mauritius and to have helped carve out a name as of one of the most reputed Executive Firms of the Island!

What does career success look like for you? 

To me it means having a great sense of fulfilment in my job and facing greater challenges to fuel growth as a professional. PageGroup has pushed me to new boundaries and I have received two promotions in my time here. 

Also, I think, the ability to being able to develop other attributes like emotional intelligence and people skills is a clear sign of career success.

Some tips that can help you be successful in recruitment

  • Be passionate in every task you undertake 
  • Consistency in the quality of the deliverables and work ethics are key
  • Go the extra mile even when no one is watching
  • Shoot for the moon, worst case scenario, you’ll land in the stars!